Fee Schedule

Overdraft (NSF) $30.00/item
Return Draft $30.00/item
Debit Card NSF $30.00/item
Stop Payment of Draft $30.00/group
Copy of Draft $2.00 – $5.00/item
Account balancing assistance $15.00/hour
Wire Transfers:
Incoming $25.00
Outgoing $25.00
Late Payment:
Installment Loans $20.00 after 15 days past due
Mortgage/2nd Mortgage 5.0% of overdue payment after 15 days
IRA Fees:
Maintenance fee $5.00
Withdrawal before 59 ½ $25.00
Closure fee $10.00
Early closure fee (90 days) $5.00
Money Orders $0.75 each
Copy of Activity from credit union $1.00/page
Fax Machine $1.00/page
Replacement Debit or Visa Card $10.00
Cashier’s Check $2.00/Check
Home Equity Loan Doc Fee $100.00
Loan Application Fee $30.00 per applicant
Visa Credit Card Late Fee $30.00
Inactive Monthly Fee $5.00
Visa, Discover & MasterCard Cash Advances for non members $5.00 ($25-$500)
1% of cash advance ($501-$3000)