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Rates effective as of 06/22/2023 and subject to change without notice.


Loan Rates
New Autos as low as 5.15% ** APR
New Recreational as low as 5.15% ** APR
Used Autos as low as 5.50% ** APR
Used Recreational as low as 5.50%** APR
Signature Loans as low as 12.00% ** APR
Home Equity as low as 5.00%** APR
Share Secured Loans Varies
3.50% APR plus share or CD rate


Dividend Rates
Share Draft Checking 0.00% APY
Average daily balances must be $100 or greater to earn interest on savings accounts.
0.75% APY
6 Month CD 3.50% APY
12 Month CD 3.25% APY
24 Month CD 2.00% APY
All certificates have a minimum deposit of $1,000 except for 17 & younger which have a minimum of $500
Rates effective as of 03/16/2023, and subject to change without notice

APY – Annual Percentage Yield | APR – Annual Percentage Rate
** Loan rates are based on credit score